In a happy blogging mood

In a happy blogging mood

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Thing Three"

After reading many of the blogs I found them interesting.  One in particular on a teacher that assigns no homework.  What a concept that Mr Meyer has on this topic.  The best part of blogging is that people necessarily do not have to agree with the person that posted the blog.  Maybe that's why people will add a controversial post?  To get a reaction? To see what comments people will make.  To get their idea out there that they feel so strongly about.  Whatever the reason behind a certain post it gets your mind thinking at a different level.  A new idea...could be something that never crossed your mind....HAPPY BLOGGING!

Web things that are intresting

One of the most facinating things on the web is youtube videos.  My family and I have had many entertaining times watching youtube video on the web.  I believe particpating in the 23 things I will have the knowledge to post things on the web like a youtube video

Stepping outside the box

WOW!  Particpating in this is really stepping outside box with my normal day to day "ashthings"   This might be a challenge for me to complete these 23 things, but I am up for the challenge.